Fashion hats autumn winter 2013 2013

Various hats, whether it be hats or hats are equally important for both women and men. Headdress – an accessory capable of decorating any outfit. It is hats to demonstrate their style. Each headdress has its own style and a special appearance, but not only for beauty we put on a headdress. 2012 headdress is a new model with excellent functionality. What should be attributed to the functionality of the headdress – primarily protective functions. A good headdress is able to protect not only from the wind, but even from various types of precipitation. The 2012 hats provided a wide line of the most fashionable head accessories.

Let’s look at what hats are


Berets are so different and beautiful that I want to try them out for their outfit. They can rightfully be considered one of the most popular types of headgear. From all this it becomes clear that in the new 2012 berets are popular.

Various women’s hats with wide fields

The 2012 trend is stylish women’s hats with wide fields. If you want to become stylish, then you need to have such an interesting hat in your wardrobe. The wide fields of women’s hats look rather luxurious and stylish. The modern fashion market offers many types and colors of such hats with wide fields.


Fedora – a special type of headgear. Such hats models are valued due to their style and elegance. The external hat hat looks attractive, and they will also be popular in the coming season.

Men’s hats with wide fields

Collection – 2012 hats advertise stylish men’s hats with wide fields. For strict and strong people, such a headdress is simply necessary.

Vintage hats

If you follow the fashion, then you probably know that in each new collection there are vintage things. It is this style that we can safely call constant. And these vintage hats are again in fashion.


Cap – also relate to the headdress. Stylish and various caps will be relevant in the new season. The main advantage of this headdress is of course extraordinary convenience.

Knitted hats

The leading position in the list of fashionable things is occupied by knitted hats. Knitted hats can safely be called the main trends of 2012. Any knitted hat heats perfectly and looks fashionable.

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What colors will be fashionable in 2012?

A variety of colors will be relevant in the fashion of this season. Classic colors, such as black, brown and gray are considered the most stylish in the new season. But do not forget about light colors, which will also be in fashion. All shades of pastel colors, beige, yellow and green are also in fashion. The choice of hats as you see, great, choose a suitable headdress and enjoy. For those who love heat, designers recommend choosing sets. Here, for example, a knitted scarf with a hat. Such sets of knitted things can be in any style. Such knitted sets are easy to choose for both a stylish winter coat and a beautiful down jacket. During the choice, it is also recommended to take into account the color of the selected things. Do not take things the same color, so your appearance can resemble uniforms. Correctly selected colors will be able to make you more sexy and stylish.