On October 30, designer Ksenia Kireeva was displayed

Show of Ksenia Kireeva

On October 30, at the Center for Contemporary Art M17, a show of designer Ksenia Kireeva Pre Fall 2012 was displayed converting unchanging. A harmonious combination of human essence and the environment was based on the basis of the collection show, which is expressed in a person’s constant desire to become closer to the environment, accurately and harmoniously fit into nature, its manifestations, landscape pictures, and to do it in such a way as not to violate naturalness and organicity.

Ksenia kireeva Pre Fall 2012 Crem

References collection

"Static dynamics". Existing architectural attractions, such as Nor-Dame, for example, to any simple layman, seem unchanged and constant, but such an opinion can only be at the first glance at the object. Nothing in the world can stand still – so the architecture is rebuilt and complemented, updated and improved. The same life and dynamics occur in relation to clothing – it will never look the same, with every body movement, your gesture and turning the head, it changes, changes the situation, combines with other models of clothing. Do not forget: every person is a bright individuality that is only emphasized by clothes, which serves as the final touch of his image and a view of life.

Clothing from Ksenia Kireeva

Recently, more and more often one can observe the popularity of Lend Art – the current that arose on the totality of landscape reality and human life. The appearance of this course was due to the fatigue of mankind from too strict canons of various sectors of life: commerce, strict lines in architecture, conservatism in interpersonal relations. All of us are immigrants from nature, so such obvious boundaries between man and nature are simply wrong. Vivid examples of this current were personal views on the life of artist-artists: the same original paintings on the rocks, building an artistic pile of stones in a deserted desert and the like.

From Day to Night is a modern and fashionable trend that shows quite successful attempts to combine evening fabrics for daily clothing models. According to critics, such a modern interpretation of fashionable directions as possible expresses modern views on the life of mankind – simplicity, naturalness, naturalness and complete contradiction to conservatism. Where would you still see the models of everyday clothes, sewn from leather, suede and silk, which were always used for evening and sophisticated outfits?

Key Pieces collection:

Already a few forgotten boiled silk began to be especially popular, which is given by the colorful chic of the colors fashionable this season – olive, burgundy, juicy emerald and lilac. But the beloved skin today is today in fashion of classic black flowers, brown, especially the gray color and warm color of milk should be distinguished. About the suede, as the most pleasant and tender material, we will say that the hit of the season is a sulag of the color of coral, olives, all shades of brown. The general of these materials is naturalness and naturalness, because these were the first materials on Earth from which people learned to sew clothes.

Dress from Ksenia Kireeva

For several years now, fashion catwalks have been represented by clothing models with prints. If last season they preferred prints of various geometric and asymmetric shapes, drawings with abstraction and interweaving from broken lines, today the preference is given to handmade prints – this is a thin work when the print is applied to the fabric and looks like a separate and rather massive decoration.

Women’s line models

The main difference between the collection was the creator’s clearly expressed thoughts that an aesthetics, which is expressed in the use of natural materials, repeats natural lines and forms in everything. Clothing models very accurately emphasize your style and image, not a drop without moving away from a natural appearance, and this gives even greater elegance and femininity. Such an impression of the naturalness of clothing is created thanks to the natural colors of fabrics and natural materials – the skin of ghee, black, brown, coral suede, emerald silk.

Model Model

The male line is developed by ARM

Shoes and accessories by Irina Musatova

DJ-Set by Stas Twee

Music Performance by Pavlov

Evening drink – Sidr Ranetti

Partner event IdealSecrets

About Ksenia Kireeva

In 2011, in June 2011, Ksenia Kireeva trademark was founded. If we trace its formation as a fashion designer, then we can say that she began, like many now -famous fashion designers, with low steps – she was an ordinary PR manager in a fairly famous magazine L"Officiel, in the Ukrainian branch. This is followed by another step – the work of the stylist, several advertising promotions, the creation of clips, entertainment projects on television.

Ksenia Kireeva

And finally, in 2010, Ksenia becomes a co -owner of one of the popular labels about.TO. At the same time, several of its private collections are presented in Kyiv and a public show of mod is held, at which Kireeva represents two collections of clothing models to the general public.

"Strong personalities inspire me. Designers, artists, directors who completely and with passion give themselves to their favorite business, such as Miuccia Prada, Nicolas Gesker, Albert Elbaz, Karl Lagerfeld, Pedro Almodovar, Salvador Dali Dali. Often the point of inspiration is the fabric itself with its texture when you look and touch its ideas appear by itself", – shares his sources of inspiration Ksenia Kireeva.