Several interesting football facts and their features

From the number of goals scored in one particular match to the reveal of the longest football game in the history of the planet, this collection of 60 mind-boggling football facts is filled with mind-blowing and delightful information.

Goalkeepers could not always play with their hands. At the dawn of the football era, goalkeepers were not allowed to touch the ball with their hands. This rule was only introduced in 1863.

The tallest goalkeeper in history is 210 centimeters tall. Simon Bloch Jorgensen from Denmark is the tallest goalkeeper in football history. His height is approximately 210 centimeters.

There was no final at the first World Cup. The very first FIFA World Cup in 1930 did not have a final match. The winner was determined using the Sports League System.

The fastest goal in history after a substitution was scored in 1.7 seconds. Nawaf Al Abed of Al Hilal Football Club scored the fastest goal in football history after coming on from the bench in a Saudi Pro League match in 2017. It took him only 1.7 seconds to distinguish himself.