The recipe for royal Easter

You will need it

1 kg of any cottage cheese, but it is better of course bold

250 g of tsukatov

3 eggs

250 grams of sugar or powder

100 ml. Home cream

100 grams of drain. oils

2 Vanilin bags

Raisins, tsukats, marmalade (generally give creativity will)


1) Make sure that cottage cheese is dry. If not, put it in gauze and hang it over the bowl. After twist the cottage cheese with raisins through a meat grinder.

2) grind the yolks with sugar in an air bath.

3) Mix cottage cheese with vanilla sugar and centers.

4) mix the curd mass with softened butter, cream and yolks.

5) load the resulting mixture into the oster, having previously spread the gauze there. If there is no oster, you can use a new flower pot. Put a small load upstairs so that the cottage cheese is compressed and the serum leaks.

After 10-12 hours, stretch Easter out of the mold, and decorate with candied fruits and marmalade. The main thing is not to forget to follow such an Easter, otherwise it looks so tasty that children are trying to pick up the delicious ones lying on top.