Selection of the best places in Karelia for tourists

Karelia is one large nature reserve and a country of lakes. The region borders Finland, and part of Karelia was Finnish territory for a long time.

In the 7th century AD, according to Swedish and Norwegian legends and chronicles, the lands of modern Karelia were called the rich country of Kiryalabotnar. She was always a desirable prey for the Vikings.

Only a tenth of the territory of Karelia is suitable for living. The rest is wild forests, lakes, rivers, swamps. Moreover, in terms of the ratio of the area of lakes to the total area, this is the most lake region in the world. There is the largest body of water in Europe (Lake Ladoga) and a lake formed as a result of a meteorite fall (Zayachye, or Yanisjärvi). If you add up all the Karelian rivers in length, you can wrap them around the Earth twice.

This is an amazing region. White nights in summer and northern lights in winter, Karelian birch without annual rings and the legendary healing stone shungite, petroglyphs that are older than the Egyptian pyramids, the first Russian resort and the only apple orchard in the world near the Arctic Circle (in Valaam).