Rike Park in Tbilisi: features and main advantages

The capital of Georgia is beautiful, tasty and inexpensive. You can walk tens of thousands of steps along small streets and wide avenues and see a very different Tbilisi, where Soviet architecture juxtaposes with fading 19th-century mansions, carved verandas and modern buildings made of glass and iron.


This is a cozy park in the city center with benches, flower beds, a musical fountain, a playground for children, a giant grand piano and an unusual structure in the form of silver metal pipes – the building of a musical theater that never started working.

The park is small, but there are several attractions here. Walk along the Peace Bridge – from it you can see the Presidential Palace, Rike Park, Narikala Fortress and the Kura River.

In the evening the bridge is spectacularly illuminated. An unusual idea with illumination was invented by French designer Philippe Martineau. The lighting makes the structure look like waves, and LED spotlights create various effects. Every hour, 30 thousand light bulbs transmit a message in the form of Morse code with the encrypted names of the elements of the periodic table that are in the human body. The idea is that all people are made up of the same particles.