How did volleyball emerge as a sport and its advantages?

Volleyball is popular all over the world due to its simple rules and fun game. This article contains a selection of the most interesting features of volleyball.

The game of volleyball was invented in 1895 by William Morgan. It was a brilliant physical education teacher who called this discipline mintonette. This name was a derivative of the word badminton.

In 1964, the sport was introduced at the Olympic Games, and in 1983, 100,000 people gathered for the match between the USSR and Brazil. This is a record attendance for a volleyball match in the world.

Most volleyball players jump an average of 250 times per match and run a distance of 750 meters, so professionals have very developed leg muscles. This sport trains all types of muscles and is the safest of ball games.

Volleyball at different stages included features of other sports games such as tennis, handball, baseball and basketball. Previously, a tennis net with a height of 1970 mm was used as a separator. Before 1900, volleyball used a rubber bladder similar to a basketball.