Galle Fort: the largest fortress in Asia in Sri Lanka

The island of Sri Lanka attracts tourists with its pristine beaches, ancient monuments and preserved authenticity: the original culture of the island has not yet succumbed to the annoying expansion of mass tourism.

Almost every resort here is suitable for surfing and snorkeling; on the coast you can practice yoga or sailing. And the size of the island allows you to see all the historical sights in one trip.

It is the west coast that is considered ideal for relaxation: it has an excellent infrastructure, a large selection of hotels, restaurants and entertainment.


The third largest city in Sri Lanka, where Western influence in architecture is clearly visible, the city center has retained a typical European appearance: narrow streets, houses and churches with stained glass windows. The most striking Western-style attraction is the Galle Fort, listed as a UNESCO heritage site.

Galle Fort is the largest fortress in Asia built by Europeans. You can spend several hours on the territory exploring the multi-tiered terraces with underground passages, dugouts and embrasures. The Dutch clock towers, churches, lighthouse and barracks built by the Portuguese look especially beautiful against the tropical background.