How to choose a bronzer?

Bronzer is an indispensable remedy in the cosmetic bag of any woman. Correctly selected, it creates the effect of a light natural tanning even on tired skin, in addition, bronzators moisturize and nourish tired and wilting skin.

Bronzing agents are used not only to give the skin a tanned shade, but also to correct skin disadvantages, such as stretch marks, freckles and even wrinkles. The whole face should not be covered with bronze, for the effect of natural makeup, it is enough to apply it to the wings of the nose, forehead, chin and cheekbones. The main thing is not to overdo it when applying, this can lead to the opposite effect – wrinkles will be brighter and the face will look older.

When choosing a bronze, you need to pay attention to 2 properties – texture and color. Power bronzers are more suitable for oily and normal skin, as well as for the summer period. In the form of a cream or gel, it is better to use with dry and sensitive skin, as well as in the winter when the skin needs additional nutrition and protection from frost. The widest selection of bronzers, as well as in general decorative cosmetics, today offers the online store of cosmetics Dior.

The shade of the bronze should be 1-2 shade darker than the natural complexion. In this winter, you should choose lighter tones, since the skin itself becomes paler at this time of year. For light Nordic shades of skin, peach and pink colors of the bronzer are best suited, in addition, these shades will help to hide the excessive redness of the face. Dark shades are suitable for a dark face, and for olive skin color, copper shades of bronze will be optimal. Orange tones look unnatural, they are better to avoid.

When using a bronze, you should not apply the basis on the face, it is also important to ensure that you do not apply too much the product – it is better to shake a bush with powder before application, and the cream should be completely absorbed. A blush is usually applied over a bronzer, this combination makes the face more fresh.