Healthy diet rules

Today, many talk about the rules of healthy diet, but not everyone knows what it is.

Here are a few recommendations that will help you make your food useful and healthy:

1. Black bread is always better. This is proved by numerous research. White flour, like sugar, is harmful to the metabolic processes of the body. It is noted that those who consume products from whole grain or grain crops live longer and get sick less.

2. Flakes – hazardous to health. Müsshli and various dry fastener breakfasts that change the color in contact with liquid do not have beneficial properties, they have many harmful additives, sugar replacements, dyes and other chemical components.

3. The food from which we are sick of supermarkets are full of products that our ancestors would not recognize at all edible. We are unprotected to devastate store shelves and our wallets, but this "seditious" food carries only harm to our body, causes many diseases.

4. From the garden and the garden – useful. No one will argue with this. Everything is only good, if grown for yourself and with love, without nitrates and nitrites.

5. Do not eat boredom for. We don’t even notice what we overeat, because we eat to pass the time at the TV, from boredom or to calm the nerves. Often we seize stress.

6. “Rainbow” on a plate. Vegetables and fruits with their bright colors give appetite and are very useful, since each of them, having its own color, carries certain nutrients.

7. Study the composition of the product – Read the labels. The more ingredients in the product, the more raw materials were processed, which means that in such a product is full of preservatives, sweeteners, thickeners, artificial flavorings and other substances harmful to the body.

8. Incomprehensible words on the label? Do not buy a product! Cunning manufacturers to give attractiveness to the product and to extend its expiration date add various chemical compounds (diglycerides, cellulose, xanthan resin, etc.). If you are unknown or incomprehensible to some words that described the composition of the product – it is better to abandon it.

9. Buy that "lying around". The supermarkets are so arranged by a trading floor that processed (frozen, “enriched”, expired) products are on available shelves, and fresh, natural products are hidden in the corners and at the lowest shelves. Pay attention to it.

10. Eat the fish. Fat fish (mackerel, salmon, salmon, sardine, anchovies) is very useful, thanks to omega 3 – polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are useful for blood vessels, nervous system and the heart.

eleven. Do not use "Eternal" products. To extend the shelf life of the product, they are treated, preservatives and other chemicals add them. The nutritional value of such products is minimized. This does not apply only to fermentation products – wine, for example, as well as honey that can be stored for a very long time and not deteriorate.

12. Do not trust the inscriptions "Similar"A low -fat product is not necessarily useful. Fast carbohydrates contribute to the set of excess weight, which, unlike fats, do not satisfy hunger. Many low -fat products have more sugar, or rather sugar -substitutes (dry breakfast, cottage cheese, ice cream, etc. D.) This artificially low -fat food is difficult to eat, but there is much more calories in them than in a fat product.

13. Who chews longer, he lives more. The slower a person eats, the sooner he is saturated. The brain only after 20 minutes sends a signal to the stomach that it is filled, therefore, the main thing is to stop in time and not overeat.

14. Caution – broth! All harmful substances made of meat (including animal fat), with boiling enters the broth. This is the most undesirable food on our table, since it is animal fat that contributes to the blockage of blood vessels, increases the level of cholesterol in the blood, which leads to heart attacks. A completely different matter is a vegetable broth in which all nutrients from vegetables are preserved.

15. Change the plate. Studies prove that when taking food from a plate of smaller diameter, a person begins to eat less.

16. Respect tradition. You can argue for a very long time about what national cuisine (Greek, Japanese, Italian or French) is better for health. But the conclusion is unequivocal: any traditional dishes are much more useful than modern sandwiches, hamburgers, fried chicken wings with soda. It is better to use those products that are national in your country.

17. Do not sly on the go. Never have a bite on the street that food of stalls, in which there is nothing more than harm.

18. Search for the company. Studies have shown that a person, taking food alone, makes a lot more food meaningly than in the company. Therefore, do not deny yourself the pleasure of gathering at the table with friends, colleagues or the whole family!

19. Enjoy! No need to limit yourself in anything. Sometimes you can pamper yourself with sweets and fried meat. But this pampering should not be in the daily diet, and let the chocolate cake be only on holidays, otherwise you risk losing your shape very quickly.

20. An exception. But do not fanatically focus on a healthy lifestyle, bringing yourself exhausting diets and restrictions on food to a mental breakdown. This will not add health to you. Always and in everything you need a measure.