Tuna steering wheel recipe

For the preparation of rolls with tuna, we will use the following ingredients:

Canned tuna in oil – 200 grams

One onion head

Solid cheese – 100 grams

Parsley – one bundle

Canned corn – two tablespoons

One packaging of puff pastry

One chicken egg

Half a teaspoon of salt

One pinch of pepper

Two tablespoons of poppy

Three tablespoons of sesame seeds

Method of preparing rolls with tuna:

In the pan, express the oil from the tuna, fry the chopped and cleaned onion to the softness, add the cheese, chopped by small cubes, corn, finely chopped parsley and mix everything well.

Roll out the dough, divide it into two parts, put the filling into the center of each part.

Lubricate one edge with an egg and turn off in such a way that a tube is obtained.

We divide each roll into ten parts, lay out into a baking sheet, lubricate with an egg, sprinkle with sesame seeds and poppy.

We bake 20 minutes in the oven, preheated to 200s.

Tilers with tuna are as tasty as a vegetable casserole with colored cabbage.