Salads Oppositionists Pigzon against the simpleton

Today I propose two opposition salads – one Pigzon, the other simple.

First show -off. The salad is very easy to manufacture and takes with fashionable components. Being a desperate conservative, I suspicion of a combination of meat (protein) and sweet (fruit), however, this salad is a kind of taste harmony even in my understanding. Royal boiled shrimp is pickled in balmic vinegar for 5-10 minutes. Put the shrimp on the pillow from therugula and add the chopped strawberries. Spray with lemon juice and olive oil. Voila! I must say, in the case of use of imported winter strawberries, salad loses a salad of exotic, because the taste of the berry is pretty reminiscent of a mysterious root crop. If you want to add a highlight – add red chili -pepper to the marinade for shrimp. It is necessary to make a highlight more – in a gas station, except for oil and lemon, add more orange juice.

The second salad “from the plow” is somewhat more laborious, but breathtaking and cheaper. It is quite possible even if you cannot use the stove and have a pretty time (for example, on the previous salad). At the same time, the benefits of! Raw (!) beets and carrots of three on grater. We take crackers from Borodino bread and make crumbs from them with a rolling pin. Connect everything and add unrefined sunflower oil. Due to oil impregnation, crumbs resemble seeds or nuts, and raw beets completely lose its earthy taste. More, this salad is amazingly suitable for weight loss diets. On the one hand, it gives a feeling of satiety, and on the other, it will require a lot of calories to digest such raw fiber to digest such raw fiber.