Basic foods

Water is the most important and most important component of the body. The younger the person, the more a relatively larger amount of water is contained as part of his body. In a newborn child, water is about 4/5 of the total body weight, in an adult – about 2/3. All physiological processes occurring in the body occur in aqueous solutions or with the participation of water.

Minerals. The composition of the human body includes a significant amount (about 3 kg) of minerals. In the process of the body’s life, mineral salts are excreted with later, urine and other discharge.

Vitamins are contained in natural food in insignificant quantities, but their significance for life and health is truly huge. Vitamins not only prevent serious diseases, called vitamin deficiency, but, in addition, they have a remarkable ability to stimulate the body’s life processes, they are necessary for the normal metabolic course, strengthen the body’s protective forces, increase its resistance to various diseases and increase human performance.

Carbohydrates in human nutrition play mainly the role of energy material (1 g of carbohydrates, oxidizing in the body, gives 4.1 kcal). Carbohydrates are found in plant products and therefore are the most affordable and widespread food substance, covering more than half of all the energy costs of the body.

Fat play a large and diverse role in the diet, determined by their special chemical properties. Compared to proteins (and with carbohydrates), fats have the greatest heat -intensive ability. Oxidizing in the body, they give 9.3 kcal for each gram of burning matter. Therefore, they are the most valuable source of energy replenishment. The presence of fat in food saves proteins, since with a sufficient amount of fats, protein consumption for energy purposes is limited, and proteins are used for more important, plastic purposes.

Squirrels are the most important component of food. F. Engels wrote that life itself should be considered as a way of the existence of protein bodies. Squirrels are contained in the cells of the human body more than all other basic substances taken together. Protein is the main “building” material from which body tissues are created.