H2O Park

For entertainment and rest, there is nothing better than an all -season water park, and such a building was created and launched last year for all Rostovites and guests of the city.

You can enjoy bathing not only with a hot summer day, but also if desired throughout the year and all this provides for us with a H2O park, which is glad to every visitor.

The complex also has a Russian bathhouse on firewood, access to which you need to buy separately.

H2O-Park created with all the amenities and conditions for the most comfortable rest and bathing has an indoor hall, the area of ​​which is at least 6100 kV.m.

Walking around the Aqua Zone, it becomes clear that in this new park there are also a large number of the most unusual pools, high -altitude water slides and rides are also.

The modern all-season park also has an unusually attractive spa complex, in which a variety of baths, pools, and complexes providing SPA services will be able to detect. Any water procedures will benefit every person and if in addition to get the spa procedures, then well -being and appearance will change exclusively for the better. If there is no opportunity to create a pool in the country, today for you the best option will be to visit a modern pool called a H2O park.