Culinary dictionary m

Mayonnaise (from FR. Mayonnaise). The term has two values:

Majoran is a bush plant. It grows in a wooded area in Belarus, Western Ukraine, the Baltic states, the Bryansk and Smolensk regions.

Mac (seeds) most often poppy seeds are used in confectionery production.

Macarone (IT. MacCheroni). Flour products made of hard wheat varieties that have the shape of tubes.

Macrel name of the fish of the Obunovs detachment. Europeans are better known as mackerel. On average, the length of its spindle -shaped body is usually thirty centimeters.

Medical syrup syrup is obtained not from traditional products, for example, fruits or berries, but from amniotic flies, herbs and colors that can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Merevel Zhamiere is an old Georgian song that is performed with feasts. The beginning of its execution falls at the most climax, and begin to perform it only when the tamada indicates.

Honey honey is the most natural product. It combines a different gamut of tastes and smells.

Madera Madera is called several completely different types of wines.

Mazagran. Mazagran is one of the types of soft drinks, which was very popular in the 19th century.

Marmalade as raw materials for the preparation of the first marmalade were apples and aiva.

Mareshal. A dish prepared from the best parts of poultry or animal meat. The technology of its preparation is quite complicated: slightly beaten fillet was stuffed, then panoked with an egg and quickly fried in fruit.

Maseduan is fresh, slightly boiled fruits saturated with fragrant syrups, which include cognac or liquor and seal – ice cream.

Dishes of dishes of a finished dish, covered with some kind of product, is disguised. Cover fish or meat with sauce or jelly, and so that they retain the shape, is called disguise dishes.

Marmite method of cooking products in a water bath is called marmite.

Semolina flour obtained by large wheat grinding. More often used for the preparation of children’s or dietary cereals.

Mamalyga national dish of Romanian cuisine. Is a very thick porridge prepared from corn flour.

Mantoux variety of dumplings that are prepared by Central Asian peoples. Several times larger than traditional Russian dumplings.

Maraskin berries of the dwarf cherry growing in Yugoslavia. Are a bone covered with a skin, almost without a pulp.

Margoguselin combined culinary fat, similar to margarine, highly.

The mane expression of ancient Russian cuisine (from the Old Russian tent, which means burbot).

Matelot dish of French cuisine prepared from fish. It has received international distribution and has become a common European meal in various types.

Matsa is the right name – Macs, that is, fresh, not sweet, nor sour. This is a special type of bread from dense, fresh, rolled into a sheet of dough (2-3 mm), which is baked on a special jewel: according to the type of waffles, without adding oil, between a pair of metal hot surfaces.

Matsoni. Yogurt-in Georgian, sour milk, “Matsun”-in Armenian. He was brought to us from Armenia, you can store it in the refrigerator for several days. The pharmacy is sometimes sold dry leaf.

Honey. This practically jargon word appeared in our vocabulary in about the last thirty-seconds of years and means kvass, yeast or fruit mash with the addition of honey.

Meze. Cyprus dish, or rather a series of dishes. Meze is a few dozen bowls with small pieces of fish or meat of different types, cheeses, sauces, side dishes and seasonings.

Mensa Gratuit. Translated from Latin Mensa – this is a table, and gratuit – this is for nothing or free of charge.

Menu of dishes or assortment of food enterprises that are offered to visitors.

Milesim this is a champagne wine with a mandatory indication on the label of the year of the crop.