Flat feet

The foot is divided into two types of arches – this is longitudinal (internal); transverse (at the fingers).

The normal functioning of the foot, from which it is not deformed, is the functioning of the strong and healthy muscles of the legs, which in turn give a uniform and stable load on the foot. If this function begins to fail, the load becomes not stable, then not the correct pressure is extended by the foot, which leads to settlement. As a result of these actions, the function is the basis that includes spring fluctuations in the legs.

If this process occurs, as a result, this load goes to the vertebral, since the spine is not intended for these functions. Today, surgical treatment of flat feet is carried out in specialized medical institutions.

If your legs often hurt from the ICR to the heels, pay attention to if you have flat feet. As a rule, with flat feet, symptoms such as rapid fatigue in the legs, turning into the back, are manifested. This kind was beaten, telling you that the body can no longer fight and the disease goes into a serious stage.