Bunny salad

Quite often, very pleasant moments occur in our lives when people gather at the same table so dear to our eyes and souls to celebrate someone’s birthday, some kind of holiday, or just a common day. At such moments I want to talk, discuss different points and of course delicious to eat. In order to be in terms of a delicious table to be at a height, the hostess clearly plans every dish. To do this, she is looking for different recipes in culinary books and on Internet sites. You can make many different dishes, but know that it is best to cook more salads. Therefore, your attention is presented with prunes, which will unconditionally appeal to all your guests.

So, before starting the preparation of this wonderful salad, you will need to purchase some products, namely:

1 chicken breast

200 grams of prunes without bones

2 fresh cucumber

4 boiled eggs

150 grams of solid cheese quarter of Bulgarian pepper for decorating mayonnaise

After all the ingredients are already in front of you, start preparing this salad. First, finely chop the cooked chicken breast. For this salad is better to take a deep salad bowl. Put the chicken layer on the bottom of the salad bowl. Now cut the prunes into several parts and put on top of the chicken. Then finely cut or rub fresh cucumber on a grater and put on the prunes. The fourth layer should go finely chopped protein. On the fifth layer you need to rub hard cheese on a grater. The neck will be the last. For him, you need to rub the egg yolk. Do not forget all layers except the last to smear with mayonnaise.

As a decoration of a salad, you can take everything you want. The main thing in this case is to apply imagination. You can cut the bell pepper with slices and just put it, or you can make different figures out of it.

In any case, all your guests will appeal to this salad and will become a decoration of any table.