Paste from the liver of turkey with red wine

What is required:

800 grams of turkey liver

Two small onions of onion shalot

One carrot

200 grams of butter

50 grams of red half -piece wine

A pinch of thyme

A pinch of black pepper


For frying olive oil

Cooking method:

I wash my liver and cut it into pieces.

Pour olive oil into the pan and heat, put the entire liver into it, fry, add salt to taste, pepper, thyme, pour wine, for about 10 minutes stew under a lid over low heat.

Cut the vegetables, to the mild state we pass them in butter over low heat.

Then, through a meat grinder, pass the finished liver hot. We save the sauce.

We also send vegetables to the meat grinder.

Cool, add a sauce, softened butter and beat with a mixer.

Serve in chilled form on a cracker, croutons or bread pieces.