Dry body skin proper care

Dry body skin

Often, we devote much less time to care of the body than to care for the face or hands. The reason for such inattention is very banal – the body is hidden almost the whole year under clothes.

But even fashionable savage clothes cannot always hide the flaws of your skin. Very often to care for the body is enough to use exfoliating products, shower gel and nutrient lotion. But if the skin of the body is prone to dryness, she needs more attentive care and care. If you have dry body skin, you need to adhere to certain care rules.

Dry skin care:

During the shower, use moisturizing gels instead of soap, and when taking a bath – only foam for baths.

Replace light moisturizing lotions for body care with more fat milk and cream. Olive oil can also be a good replacement for light cream, as it has high moisturizing qualities.

Regularly, at least once a week, carry out a soft peeling procedure to help update skin cells.

Take a bath once a week with the addition of moisturizing components – decoctions of herbs, essential oils of chamomile or rose, milk and honey.

After the bathtub, steal your dehydrated skin with a nourishing mask, applying a mixture to the whole body and wrapping in a sheet.

Cosmetic stores have a huge selection of cleansing and moisturizers for dry skin of the body, but if you prefer completely natural cosmetics, use one of the recipes of wise nature.

Masks for dry skin:

Dry skin

Prepare a natural fruit mask for dry skin from a banana and avocado, which moisturizes and nourishes the skin with nutrients. To prepare the mask, take a very ripe banana, avocado, 100 grams of natural butter and 100 ml of cream, beat all the components in the blender. To the finished fruit paste for dry skin, add a drop of rose essential oil and apply the mixture to the whole body after taking the bath.

The beautiful moisturizing properties for dry skin are honey. Mix three tablespoons of liquid honey and two yolks in a blender and use a mask after taking a hot bath.

Scrubs for dry skin:

When caring for dry skin of the body, an important step is exfoliation. Soft and delicate scrubs can also be prepared from products that are always in the kitchen. The scrub is applied to the whole body in the shower with massaging circular movements using a mittens or body brush. Delicate home peeling will help you exfoliate dry areas and make the skin more smooth.

A very delicate moisturizing scrub for dry skin can be prepared from ground hermus mixed with honey and egg yolk. To get a cream -like mass, sour cream or cream is added to this scrub.

For very dry body, the body is used sugar scrub in olive oil. For the preparation of sugar scrub, oil and sugar are mixed so that the pasta is obtained. You can add chamomile, roses or vanilla oils to the sugar scrub.

After the use of a scrub or mask, apply a moisturizing lotion of your own preparation to the skin – mix five spoons of pink petals, a spoonful of lime or lemon juice and add a spoon of glycerol to the mixture. This lotion has a refreshing and soothing effect on the dry skin of the body.