Ginger lemonade

We laid out the recipe for ordinary lemonade recently. If you have already tried to cook classic lemonade at home and want to try something else, then you can do ginger lemonade. Such a drink will become not only an excellent means of quenching thirst, but also a very useful drink, because the benefits of ginger were proved not today or yesterday, but a century ago. The root of this wonderful plant helps with a marine illness, contains a huge amount of vitamins, is useful for male health and perfectly affects the digestive system. And spicy notes of ginger in lemonade will give him a piquant shade and pleasantly surprise your taste receptors. Well, let’s start cooking!


Three lemons

Two tablespoons of grated ginger

50 gr. Sahara

Two liters of water

A bunch of mint

Heat a glass of water over low heat, dissolve sugar in it and add grated ginger. Bring the mixture to a boil.

Remove the future lemonade from the fire and let it cool completely.

Add juice of three lemons to the resulting syrup, the remaining water and mint, which must be pre -suppressed so that a little juice comes out of it too. Give the lemonade to brew a couple of hours so that its taste is completely open.