Little Red Hat salad with tomatoes

In today’s recipe, you will learn how to cook the Red Hat salad with tomatoes.

Take the following ingredients:

2 large and ripe tomatoes

1 head onion head

1 cucumber

200 g of ham

300 g of fresh champignons

2 eggs

200 g of cheese (preferably solid)

Vegetable oil


Recipe for making salad with tomatoes “Red hat”

Take the onion, clean and finely chop.

Cut the champignons into strips, not forgetting to wash them first.

Mix mushrooms with onions and fry until cooked in vegetable oil.

Cook chicken eggs, then finely chop or rub on the middle grater.

Rub the cheese on the middle grater.

Cuts cucumber in small cubes.

From washed tomatoes, remove the skin (optional) and do not chop largely cut.

The peculiarity of the “red cap” salad is that all the ingredients must be laid out in layers and smeared with mayonnaise.

Put the ham at the bottom of the bowl, after which the fried champignons with onions, then cucumber, cheese and eggs. Lay out tomatoes with the last layer, making a hat and justifying the name of the salad.

This is the preparation of the Red Hat salad with tomatoes is finished, pleasant appetite!