Most young children in the USA use caffeine every day

This conclusion comes to the participants of the new study of US scientists. They believe that 75 percent of children consume caffeine daily, mainly due to carbonated drinks. And the more caffeine they are consumed, the less they sleep. Researchers from the University of Nebraska Medical Center interviewed their parents for more than 200 children aged 5 to 12 years. This happened during routine visits in a pediatric clinic. Parents were asked about the types and number of drinks consumed by their children every day. It turned out that children under the age of 12 consume an average of 109 mg of caffeine per day, which is equivalent to three cans of soda. Although younger children consumed less caffeine, some of them drank harmful soda even at the age of 5 years. And the more children consume caffeine, the worse they sleep. “Parents should know about the potentially negative effects of caffeine on the child’s sleep,” said the author of the study by Dr. William Warzak.