Cutlets with a surprise

Cutlets with a surprise are not dietary, such as carrot cutlets, so we can’t do without meat:

Minced meat – 1 kg

Champignons – 300 grams

Onions – 2 medium -sized heads

Dry Baton – 3 pieces

Eggs – 2 pieces



For frying sunflower oil

How to cook cutlets with a surprise:

First clean the champignons and one onion.

Then the onions with mushrooms are finely chopped and fry in a pan in sunflower oil.

After that, soak pieces of loaf in milk or water.

Rub the second onion on a fine grater.

Then mix the loaf, minced meat, eggs, pepper and salt.

Then make a small ball from minced meat, and form a thin cake out of it in the palm of your hand.

In the very center of the cakes, put champignons and carefully form a cutlet.

Put the cutlets on an already warm pan.

I do this: I fry the meat only a little, and then put the fried cutlets in a deep pan and already until cooked there is a carcass there.