Interpretation of a white blouse with a symbol of elegance by Medini brand

A blouse is nothing more than a medieval plan of paying into a separate clothing item. He entered the everyday life relatively recently – at the end of the 19th – early 20th centuries, and as soon as he did not come true during this time! At first, blouses with high collars, trimmed ribbons and lace were popular. Gradually, cut was simplified, and in the 1930s many interpretations appeared, reminiscent of men’s shirts. And today you can find anything.

But no matter how the style may change, white options have always remained riding of elegance. For a long time, they and in general, the underwear of this color symbolized the owner’s security, because caring for it required complexity. Even individual cuffs and collars were used – details that are the fastest flashing. In the era of automatic washing machines, White did not lose its status.

White blouses Medini brand

Of course, they occupy an honorable place in the assortment of one of the most famous Ukrainian women’s clothing manufacturers. There are always many options – from business to romantic. At the time of writing the article in the company catalog – Medini -Original/ Medini -Collections/ – You could find the following models:

“Openland” – its lace bottom involves wearing a departure. By the way, elongated blouses for the first time spread in the 1920s, when women strove for the torso visually look more elongated. Among other interesting solutions, a collar with sharp angles, continuing V-cutting. Medini -original/Content/Catalog/Images/2016/02/10/_MG_0427_.JPG

“Topaz” – if the previous blouse was translucent, then this transparent that creates a spectacular background for flowers. It is not difficult for her to find a suitable white or even other color shirt. Cut classic shirt. The length allows you to wear both the outlet and by refueling. Medini-Original/Content/Catalog/Images/2016/12/03/Bluza-Topaz-C1-2.JPG

“Riana” – this model looks the most vintage of all presented thanks to the Bantu and the splendor of the sleeves. Such blouses are inspired by the paintings of Charles Dana Gibson, who painted women corresponding to the ideals of beauty of the late 19th – early 20th centuries.

You can buy all the reviewed blouses in bulk on the company’s officially website.

White blouses in cinema

Something about the history of this clothing was told, but one cannot bypass the influence of films on its distribution. Among the women who represented in it on large screens, the heroine Katherine Hepburn on Vacation (1938), Lauren Bacon in Ki-Largo (1948), Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holidays (1953). Interestingly, after the release of the last film, rolled up sleeves and a collar raised behind. In addition, at that time it was fashionable to wear tied shirts to emphasize the waist and bust.

In the 1970s, such a manner was forgotten, but in the next decade it was partly revived at the expense of the film “Dirty Dances” (1987), in which Jennifer Gray played the main role. The male style shirts then glorified the melodrama “Nine and a half weeks” with Kim Basinger. The white female shirt of the male style took such a strong position in fashion that in 1992 it was put on 9 top models that were filmed for the cover of Vogue in honor of the 100th anniversary of the magazine.