SHARKY slot machine

Among the male players are particularly popular by the Sharky /Igrovoj-Zal /Sharky slot machine.HTML, who received the nickname “Fisherman”, which is not surprising, because the plot of the game is precisely fishing. Well, and the search for treasures, how without it?

The game has three modes, in each of which the winnings depends on the level of the level. Bets are made on the line, like on any game slot. Symbols that can bring good luck, you will see before a bet is made.

The first mode is bonuses for which certain symbols are responsible. Bonuses are different, there are card suits among them. Suits fall out infrequently, but each of their loss is accompanied by an increase in your account by 120 loans. In order for this to happen, it is necessary that the card falls in one or two combinations. The knife gives a bonus of 230 loans, but only in the case when 5 knives gather. The same amount is assigned a parrot. A chest, full treasure is 312 loans. Having passed the bonus regime, you fall into the double bonus mode: you will fall 5 cards and one will be open, you need to guess the card with the opposite suit, which will double the bet. Do not guess – reduce.