Princess Diana’s spare wedding dress: secrets and features

Princess Diana’s luxurious wedding dress with a long train and puffed sleeves with lace went down in fashion history – brides of the 80s dreamed of repeating the look and going down the aisle in the same fabulously beautiful outfit.

However, few people know that there was also a spare wedding dress for Princess Diana. Surprise: even Diana herself had no idea about it! Where this outfit came from and why the princess was not told anything about it, read in our material.

The wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, which took place on July 29, 1981, was called the wedding of the century – and not only because the royal celebration was watched by millions of television viewers. The bride, young and modest Diana Spencer, was simply irresistible that day – and really looked like a princess from fairy tales. This impression was largely created thanks to the outfit – a majestic ivory-colored wedding dress with a more than seven-meter train.

The outfit immediately became iconic, but neither the public nor the bride herself had any idea that somewhere in a dark room there was a second one – a spare dress, which was destined not for world fame, but for complete oblivion. What is the mystery of Princess Diana’s spare wedding dress and why did Diana not know about the spare dress?

Years later, the secret was revealed. Designer Elizabeth Emanuel, who prepared the princess’s wedding dress, admitted why she created an additional outfit secretly from Diana.