Lip balm “Delicate care and radiance” from Nivea for all occasions!

I must say that my lips are sensitive and in no way. I tried many different means. I bought accidentally a few years ago, just in a pharmacy on a shelf with hygienic lipsticks on the eve of winter, only this balm remained. And for several years this is my favorite, daily used cosmetic product:

Review of lip gloss "Delicate care and radiance" from Nivea:

Gives lips a very natural pink shine;

Cares for the lips, leaving no sticky effect (the hair is not sticking to it!);

It does not have a sharp fruit-vanilla aroma;

Perfectly moisturizes;

Very convenient applicator (no need to twist the brush, easily dose, conveniently apply on the go and with one hand!);

Compact, placed in any pocket; it was very surprised that it is indispensable in winter and summer! I don’t remember for a long time what cracked lips are in winter (at any minus!) and burned in the summer (perfectly protects from the sun even on the beach);

At the same time, nothing downloads and does not flow, does not dry all day;

On the lips is not felt;

10ml packaging with daily use is enough for almost a year;

Very affordable price (did not even expect such an effect for that kind of money!).

I advise everyone and you always, without unnecessary efforts, will be well -groomed, healthy, shining lips and constant sense of comfort!

P.S. I tried the rest of the lip balms from Nivea (in the form of lipsticks) did not like. Ordinary hygienic lipsticks, and I’m already spoiled))).

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