Stylish knitted things with your own hands

Sometimes I so want to put on a thing completely corresponding to your tastes, which has the desired color and pattern. Then you begin to understand designers who always carefully select the necessary fabrics, accessories for their models. Why don’t you stay in their place? It’s just to do when it comes to a case, whose wisdom is easy to understand. This is knitting.

You can buy yarn of the required shades, softness in the store. Pick up a beautiful pattern in magazines or on needlewomen sites and start work. Some things can be connected in a few hours, and for others it will take a day or two. This is much better than thoughtless shopping in places where there is nothing attractive (or simply your size is missing).

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For those who doubt the forces, there is a regular method of knitting – for testing and knitting needles. If desired, preference can be given a hook – with it the product is faster, since the columns are high, unlike loops. Well, the choice of pattern and style, which will not be a continuation of grandmother’s things, is proposed to make exclusively out of their own reasons of beauty. True, it’s worth thinking about fashion. Now, for example, more popular:

Pattern “Spit”

High collar or its “flat” variety “clamp”

Short length for sweaters, skirts, dresses

Long cardigans with asymmetry on the bottom

Thin lace knit

A motley pattern


Wide neckline (not deep – it is important!)

Recently, manufacturers have been trying to make the sweaters with deer and Scandinavian motifs, which is popular in the West. In our country, people prefer to wear monophonic things, ignoring the cage, allowing the strips. Some embroider additional drawings on a knitted canvas to diversify the void. It also looks beautiful, but needlework skills are not necessary from scratch.

As for the sleeves, the long and flared at the peak of popularity. Models with open shoulders were added and not completely sewn with each other with halves of sleeves, shelves and backs (cut effect).

Do not risk knitting a swimsuit, although this is the smallest and quickly fulfilling task. He is more likely for beauty. It is better to stop on a thin jumper with a shortened waist, miniskirt or dress with festons (crocheted binding on the edges with a special pattern).

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