Meat rolls with mushrooms

Cook vegetable oil in a pan over medium heat. Clean onions and cut it in half rings, and then cut them in half. Fry the beam in a pan until golden color (about seven minutes). Wash thoroughly, and then clean champignons from mud. Cut the mushrooms in small pieces and send to a frying pan to the onion. Fry for about 12 minutes and do not forget to stir. As soon as everything cooks, transfer the mushroom mixture to the bowl and add chopped chicken eggs and grated cheese. Mix and salt thoroughly and pepper to your taste. Wash the pork clipping under cold water and cut into pieces of 7-8 mm thickness. Beat the meat with a kitchen hammer and salt and season with spices. Now put two tablespoons of the filling on each piece of meat and wrap it in a steering wheel. Fasten the ends with toothpicks or threads. Repeat this with other pieces of meat. After that, heat a large frying pan and fry the rolls over medium heat from all sides. Place the fried rolls in a baking dish. Pour the mixture of cream and water into the form (300 ml). Season with black pepper and other seasonings and send to the oven preheated to 190 degrees. Bake for about half an hour before the appearance of golden crust. Serve hot with mashed potatoes. Bon appetit!

List of ingredients: 600 grams of pork tenderloin, 2 bulbs, 350 grams of champignons, 2 steep eggs, 150 grams of grated parmesan cheese, a glass of water and a glass of cream, salt, pepper and other spices to taste.