What are the benefits of oatmeal and where did it come from?

Hundreds of years ago, oats were considered livestock feed and food for the poor. But now this cereal is very popular among those who watch their diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. Let’s find out what benefits you can get from oatmeal, and whether there is any harm from it

A classic breakfast option for those who lead an active lifestyle and maintain a balanced diet is oatmeal. It charges the body with energy and relieves hunger for a long time. But the product has a number of contraindications that are worth remembering. Together with experts, we will tell you in more detail about the benefits and harms of oatmeal.

The history of the appearance of oatmeal in nutrition

The first mentions and evidence of eating oats are tens of thousands of years old. Oats were first grown in Ancient Greece and Rome. The grain was later introduced to Britain, and by 1500 it had spread throughout the world. All this time, oats were used as animal feed and served as food for peasants.

The situation changed radically when, in the late 1800s, several large American oat growing companies merged and brought oats to the masses. The first trial product for the general public was produced in 1890 by an American company. Three decades later, instant cereals appeared, and by 1970, the first flavored cereals.