Cheese soup

Today on the pages of our magazine, we want to talk about such a bright and rich taste of the dish as cheese soup. Given that the warm summer has already passed, and in the yard a rainy autumn, which will soon change in cold winter – such a dish as cheese soup will be more than by the way.

It should be noted that the preparation of the first dishes often causes difficulties, since for the most part, the implementation of their recipes requires special culinary knowledge. However, cheese soup is quite simple, and will cope with its preparation, a novice culinary specialist can even experience with experience.


450 gr – chickens130 gr – rice350 gr – melted cheese150 gr – carrots350 gr – potatoes170 gr – onions, greens

It is necessary to pour three liters of water into the culinary container, place chicken fillet into it, add spices – and cook until the meat is read. Cooking time, approximately twenty minutes, after boiling water.

The finished chicken fillet must be extracted from the pan, and put in boiling broth rice. Then you need to prepare vegetables, finely crush the onion, grate carrots and cut the potatoes into small cubes. Chicken meat also cut into pieces. Add all ingredients to the broth. After the readiness of potatoes, you need to add cheese.