Pea soup with beef

To prepare a pea soup with beef, we need:

Beef – 400 grams

Peas – 1 cup




Vegetable oil

Pepper peas

Bay leaf



Cooking method:

Rinse the peas well in advance and put it in a container of water for a couple of hours.

Then rinse and clean the carrots and onions.

Also wash the meat, after which you put the meat, onions and carrots in a pan.

Next, turn on the low fire and put the pan for up to two hours cook.

Salt, and at the very end add a couple of peas of pepper and bay leaves.

After that, take out the meat and cut it into small pieces and again send it to the pan.

Then wash and clean the potatoes and cut it with cubes.

Add potatoes and peas to the broth.

Then grind the onion and grate carrots.

Put everything in the pan and fry.

Add chopped dill to the pan and refueling as you prepare potatoes.

After five minutes you can turn off the soup.