Fashionable perfumes 2011

Fashionable perfumes 2011

Each self-respecting woman is simply obliged to purchase a couple of the latest fashionable spirits 2011 for a fabulous spring-summer mood.

The most fashionable perfumes 2011:

The variety of spirits presented this year will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding consumers. Famous perfumers made a lot of effort so that the fashionable spirits of 2011 were radically different from all previous collections. The main question remains to choose those perfumes that will be completely combined with the external and internal data of the owner.

We recommend that you pay attention among the 2011 fashionable spirits for the sexual aroma of She Wood Golden Light Wood from Disquared2. This new spring aroma is very delicate and fresh as the romantic air of the tropics. The famous Marc Jacobs created a new fruit-berry mix Daisy Eau So Fresh.

The original Donna Karan has created an energetic aroma for a modern active business Vumen called Dkny Women Energizing. Fashion perfumes of 2011 exude the aroma of plum and coconut with other spicy notes perfectly found a combination in new fashionable spirits from Serge Lutens called Jeux de Peau. The most tender aroma from Kenzo called L’Eau de Kenzo Amour tunes in a romantic way with notes of vanilla, ylang-ylang, musk, bergamot and Japanese wood peony.

Nina Ricci fruit perfumes with the intriguing name Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon were the fashionable spirits of 2011. In addition to apple, apricot and cherry notes, there are notes of raspberries, rhubarb, patchouli, sandalwood and tea rose. These perfumes are ideal for the active young ladies, who, wearing fashionable boots, safely go through the streets to conquer the hearts of men.

Fashionable perfumes

For impudent seducers, the intensive fragrance of Very Irresistible L’Tense from the unsurpassed Givenchy. This aroma is fully consistent with its last collection.

For innocent and impudent inside the 2011 fashionable spirits, the sexual aroma of Chloe Rose Edition offers. For lovers of everything unique, a spring limited aroma Clinique Happy in Bloom was created. Admirers of the famous duo Dolce & Gabbana will be happy to perceive the delicate and universal aroma of The One Flower Composition.

Nobody will leave anyone indifferent to the eastern perfumes from Giorgio Armani. These fragrances are unisex and are suitable for men and women. The new, refreshing and spring perfume Tommy Girl from Tommy Hilfiger is recommended by ambitious and self -sufficient women. In limited quantities, we are pampering Escada with its new light aroma Taj Sunset. Bruno Banani Fashion House created a new perfume called Made For Women. This is one of the best fragrances of 2011.

Feel yourself not just a woman, but a goddess, with new fashionable spirits of 2011.