Fashionable men’s shoes 2013

Fashionable men’s shoes 2013

For most women – the acquisition of a new pair of shoes, a kind of drug, without which life sometimes loses its meaning. And, if the women themselves, realizing this, often make fun of themselves, giving birth to new plots for jokes and small humorous stories, then believe men, if they differ from us in this aspiration, then very slightly, being actually similar to similar Shopogoliki.

How do men differ from us? Yes, the fact that, unlike the fair sex, a real man will never buy a couple of shoes in which he will feel uncomfortable, except with rare exceptions.

So what will men wear in 2013?

Material. Skin, nubuk, less often suede. Here you will not meet silk, textiles and other materials that women love so much, again, because it is not practical. An indisputable leader among materials for shoes, of course, skin. In winter – the skin should be rough launched, all summer shoes are sewn mainly from thin, soft skin. Natural fur, laces and metal details, solid external lines – will be the only “decoration” of such shoes. Today you can, for example, buy men’s boots Timberland at a very favorable price.

Model is divided by the height of the product, the shape of the sock, the sole, the presence or absence of the heel.

Men’s boots

The height of the product. Men do not wear too high shoes, because high boots can be found extremely rarely, unless, sewn on a special order for glamorous modes. This is about shoes for every day. On the other hand, you won’t go fishing with shoes, and therefore high rubber boots are the only possible option.

The shape of the sock. Regardless of the season, shoes with round, square and sharp toe can always be found. In the new season, pointed noses will be in fashion similar to the fact that they wear Texas cowboys.

Heels of men’s shoes, as a rule, do not exceed three to four centimeters. This is usually a low, stable heel or wedge.

Shoe color. Classic black, brown and gray colors for everyday shoes. Although, true connoisseurs will prefer shoes from a snake or crocodile leather – which is especially appreciated in the new season.

Fashionable men’s boots

Summer shoes are somewhat different in color scheme. It is unlikely that you will find raspberry or blue moccasins, but shoes in light pastel colors are exactly what will be fashionable in 2013.

What do our men wear all year? Favorite couple of shoes – these are shoes. Then there are sneakers, like the most comfortable shoes for every day, boots, moccasins and sandals. For the beach and at home, they will prefer high -quality leather, rubber or silicone slippers.