Perigorsky salad

For the preparation of the perigore salad, we will use such products as:

Chicken liver – 500 grams

One avocado

Beijing cabbage – one small head

Tomatoes – 4 – 5 pieces

Eggs – 4 – 5 pieces of boiled eggs

Juice of one lemon

Vegetable oil

The products that will be required to refuel the salad:

Low -fat yogurt – 5 tablespoons

Sharp ketchup – 2 tablespoons

Cognac – 1 tablespoon


How to cook the perigorsky salad:

Boil the eggs.

Rinse the liver.

Cut it into pieces of medium size.

Salt them.

Pour vegetable oil into the pan, lay the liver into it and fry it over 4 to 5 minutes over high heat. In this case, the pieces should be constantly mixed. After frying, we forget about them for a while.

We will engage in Beijing cabbage. We only need the upper and sheet part. Cut them with stripes and put them on a dish.

Next, the time has come for avocado. We cut it with slices and put it on cabbage sheets. After that, water everything with lemon juice.

We cut each tomato into 6 parts.

Cut the eggs on a quarter.

We lay out the eggs and tomatoes of the avocado, but in the center we will leave free space.

And just in this place we lay out pieces of liver.

It is very easy to cook refueling. Just mix the ingredients. Everything, salad dressing is ready. Water it from our perigorsa salad and you can eat.