Rice varieties

Italy mainly grows a short sowing Japanese rice (Oryza Sativa Japonica), which remains hard after cooking. Long -grain sowing Indian rice (Oryza Sativa Mica) is cooked very quickly and turns into porridge; He is not a success. The quality of Italian rice is monitored by the National Institute of Rice, constantly controlling the production process and the composition of nutrients in different varieties of a product divided into four categories (indicated on the packaging): Riso Cotuna, Riso Semifino, Riso Lino and Riso Superfino. The rice variety is chosen depending on its reaction to heat treatment and on the dish that are going to prepare from it. In Northern Italy, the cooks attach very great importance to this choice. Long cooking rice, such as Razza 77 or Ribe, has large, almost transparent grains with a slight starch content. It is suitable for salads and for dishes prepared in water or in the oven. Arborio, Carnaroli and Vialone grains, large, semi -hard, contain a lot of starch. They remain wet and juicy, perfect for risotto. In varieties with small grains, such as Maratelli and Balilla, there is almost no starch. They are quickly boiled, and therefore suitable for rice soup.

Ordinary rice (Riso une)

This category includes the varieties of Balilla, Araericano 1600, Elio, Selenio and Originario. Grains are small, round or semicircular. Cooking time – 13-14 minutes. After cooking it becomes quite soft, suitable for desserts, soups and casseroles.

Round rice (Riso Semifino)

This category includes the varieties of Maratelli, Vialone Nano, Padano, Lido, Argo, Cripto and Rosa Marc -hetti. Grains are large, medium length, round or semicircular. Cooking time – 15 minutes. Suitable for Minestrone and other soups, as well as for casseroles and as a side dish.

Thin rice (Riso Fino)

This category includes Fino Medio (EUROPA, LOTO, RIVA) and Lungo A (varieties of Ariete, Cervo, Drago, Ribe, Sant’Andrea, Ringo and Vialone). The grains are long, oblong (except Vialone – its grains round). Cooking time – 16 minutes. Cooked evenly, remains crispy, suitable for risotto, salads, soups and as a side dish.

Pointed rice (Riso Superfino)

This category includes Lungo A (Arborio, Baldo, Roma, Razza 77, Koral, Volano and Carnaroli) and Lungo in (Graldo, Panda, Pegaso et Thaibonnet). Grains are large, long, pointed. Cooking time – 18 minutes. Perfect for risotto, especially the Carnaroli variety, which, as a rule, is two to three times more expensive than others, but remains hard after cooking. The RISO Superfino variety is also suitable for snacks, salad, casserole and as a side dish.