Sturgeon barbecue

We are used to making pork barbecue, less often from lamb. There is a desire to try something new? Prepare sturgeon barbecue. The main thing is to choose the right fish. It should not be small. To make the barbecue delicate and juicy, choose large specimens, if you’re lucky, take the middle of the carcass.

You will not regret! It is advisable to take a living fish. Having prepared a kebab from such a sturgeon, you fully enjoy the fantastic taste and aroma of the dish. But if there is no such possibility and the frozen is suitable. It is necessary to defrost the fish in the refrigerator, on the lower shelf, gradually. Defrosting in the microwave or warm room will make barbecue dry, hard, with unpleasant aroma and taste.

Choose live? Then sniff and inspect the fish well. If she has a good smell, her eyes are transparent, red gills – a fresh product. The eyes are muddy, itching is dry and crumbles, it smells unpleasantly from the fish, it is better not to buy such a sturgeon. Frozen fish should be in a film of transparent ice, without spots, chips. Carcasses in a thick layer of ice, in the snow and more, say that the fish was defrosted and frozen more than once.

Bought a wonderful sturgeon, made fire in the grill, it’s time to move on to the preparation of the marinade. We will need:

Sweet paprika

mustard seeds


Dry wine 100 grams

Olive oil 100 grams

Let’s start cooking barbecue

Rinse the sturgeon well with cold water, remove the skin, cartilage, chop the meat in small pieces. Fold the fish in a glass or enameled container and salt. Add mustard seeds and paprika. Pour in pre -mixed, white wine and olive oil. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and leave the fish soaked in the marinade for twenty minutes in a cool place. Wine can be taken in any quality, even the cheapest, if this is not the case, can be replaced with lemon. The main thing is not to use vinegar in the marinade! If desired, you can add onions chopped with rings, parsley and dill to it.

Fry on the grill over the coals. During cooking, it is better not to be distracted from the process, the fish is prepared faster than pork. It can be difficult to determine the readiness of barbecue by eye. If sturgeon does not fry it, it will chew like rubber and it is not entirely useful for health, even dangerous. It is also not desirable to squeeze the fish – it will be stiff and dry. The readiness of the barbecue can be checked with a regular fork: spread the fibers of sturgeon on one of the pieces and look at the color. If the fish meat is pink – glossy shade, then sturgeon is not quite ready. Matovo meat is pink, opaque tells us that barbecue is completely ready for use.

Azerbaijani sauce from Narsharab grenades is perfect for barbecue from sturgeon.