Potato zrazes with meat

Potato zrazes with meat, as well as with mushroom, cabbage, and egg filler usually look like rolls, or slightly oblong cutlets, sometimes in the form of bunks like, for example, meatballs. Zrazy can find not only potato, but also prepared from thin, well -beaten pieces of beef, inside which vegetable, cheese, or even mushroom filling is wrapped.

Potato zrazes with meat are a very tasty and fairly simple dish that can often be found on the menu of both Polish, Belarusian, and even Ukrainian cuisine. This dish can be prepared in two known ways: mix all products, then blind the balls from the resulting mass, and the second way, roll out the cake, and put the filling in the inside of it. Each of these recipes is good in its own way, they can even alternate, making the menu more diverse.


Potatoes – 400 grams.;

Beef meat (or chicken) – 300 grams.;

Fresh lard – 100 g.;

Onions – 2 onions;

Chicken eggs – 1 pc.;

Bread flour – 3 tablespoons;

Vegetable oil – as necessary;

Salt – to taste;

Black pepper – to taste.

Cooking method:

– the onion needs to be cleaned and finely chopped, chopped in the form of cubes, the meat must be wound with a meat grinder or use the finished minced meat.

– The fat is fried in the javard, after which the onion is placed there and is fried almost until cooked.

– Then the meat is added to the brazier and everything is fried together until they are ready, the finished mass must be salt and pepper, and then cool.

– Potatoes are cooked in “uniform” or baked in the oven.

– finished potatoes are cooled and cleaned of the skin.

– the peeled potatoes are cut into slices, twisted with a meat grinder or crushed in a blender, potato puree is transferred into a cup.

– A whipped egg, bread flour and salt are added to the potato puree. The finished mass is kneaded.

– From potato dough, you need to pinch off a piece, which then rolls into the ball.

– A ball of potato dough is pressed with a hand, and a filling of meat is put into the center of the resulting tortilla.

– the edges are chopped like a cake, the surface of the zraza is smoothed with fingers.

– Each product must be tanned in flour.

– Vegetable oil is poured into a preheated frying pan, where zrazes will subsequently be fried on both sides until a brushless crust is formed on them.

A dish like potato zrazes with meat can be served as a side dish and as a separate dish with sour cream, or sauce. You can make changes to the recipe by adding mushrooms, eggs or other ingredients to the minced meat to their liking.