Salad Damian whim with pineapple and champignons

Interesting and very easy to prepare a salad.

In order to prepare this salad, the following ingredients were taken by me:

1 chicken breast

1 Bank of Pineappers in 250 ml

Bank of Champignons (250 ml)

1 head onion head

Sunflower oil


The recipe for making a ladies’ whim with champignons and pineapples

Cook chicken breast, for this we fill it with water and put it for 20 minutes on the fire.

While our chicken is cooked, we open canned food and cut enough champignons quite finely.

Do not cut the onion coarsely and, together with champignons, fry a little in vegetable oil.

Pineapple we cut into small cubes.

We return to our chicken breast, separate the meat from the bones and cut it with cubes.

Mix all the cut ingredients in the salad bowl, mix, season with mayonnaise and serve to the table.

This is the preparation of the ladies’ whim with pineapple and champignons finished, pleasant to you appetite!