Academic vacation

In the learning process, each student, both of a higher educational institution and a secondary special educational institution, may encounter various troubles that will lead to go on academic vacation /akademicheskij -otpusk.HTML

It is possible that you know what is meant by academic leave, but if not, then it is worth presenting a vacation that can be provided to the student of a educational institution for medical reasons or for other exceptional cases. And there can be a large number of such cases and if you understand more in everything, it will be clear to everyone how exactly the academic vacation is provided today.

Most often, as the practice of time, academic leave shows, is provided for medical reasons, that is, in case of illness or exclusively for family reasons.

The vacation received by the student will be the possibility of solving the problem that has arisen and after the student it will be possible to return, that is, to continue his training. Academic vacation, as a rule, can be provided for a period of twelve months.

To date, the conclusion on the possibility of providing a student of academic leave for medical reasons may be issued by the clinical and expert commission. And at this moment both state and municipal medical institutions are indicated at the student constant observation. If the student is observed and receives treatment in a student clinic, then this medical institution will be issued an appropriate conclusion to receive an academic vacation student.