Tsarist salad

Fish salads

Ingredients: mayonnaise 400 grams

Sour cream 100 grams

Boiled eggs 10 pcs

Garlic 1 slice

Dill 1 beam

Salted cucumbers 2 pcs

Parsley 1 beam

Cheese 150 grams

Salmon 1 bank

Rolled peas 1 bank

CRABLE CREAM 200 grams

Vegetable oil

Rice 100 grams

Olives 50 grams

Preparation: boil the eggs screwed, then clean them, and remove the yolks from proteins. Squirrels need to be cut finely, and the yolks rub on a fine grater. Olives with cucumbers are cut very finely, the garlic is crushed, and the cheese rubs on a coarse grater, and salmon is kneaded with a fork. Rice is boiled in water with salt, and crab sticks are cut into circles. Greens are cut very finely. Salad must be laid out in layers. The first layer is laid out proteins that are grinded by mayonnaise. Next, cucumbers are laid out, along with vegetable oil and herbs. The next layer is peas along with mayonnaise. Garlic is laid out up with this layer with sour cream. Next a layer of cheese, and after salmon. After that, rice is laid out, along with chopped olives. After that, crab sticks and a layer of yolks are laid out. Olives are used for the top of the salad.