Chocolate pudding hello from Britain!

Hello, friends! Finally, we figured out all the accumulated tastings and enter the normal mode of operation, so now we will have an article specifically for sweet tooth, because chocolate pudding, which today we will talk about, except to the category of “sweetness” include something nowhere.

Puding is an exquisite dessert of English origin, prepared in a steam bath and consisting of eggs, sugar, flour and milk. Not rarely, depending on taste preferences, all kinds of spices and fruits are added to the dish. Submit an object of our study chilled in special molds or dishes, although this is not mandatory.

Chocolate pudding, as mentioned above, comes from the British Islands, while it is considered an integral attribute of Christmas. The fact is that at the beginning of the 20th century on the table of each self-respecting Englishman was a “flame-porn”-a special porridge, cooked on meat broth, in which almonds, prunes, honey, raisins and even bread crumbs were added to. By the beginning of the XII century, the usual name was transformed into a “flame pudding”, meaning “pudding in fire”-before serving, the dessert was abundantly doused (and doused) with cognac, after which they set fire to, from which the treat looked even tastier and acquired a non-standard aroma.

Today, traditions related to pudding are not to count. For example, they always begin to cook dessert on November 25, in the so -called knitting or pudding Sunday, while in the process, according to custom, the whole family participates, while making their desires, which will certainly come true! Decorate the Christmas pudding by a twig of the island and necessarily put a coin in six pence in the dough – the one who finds it will be happy and lucky all year. Even though this seemingly absolutely harmless tradition of about five hundred years, soon it can come to an end-officials from the British Ministry of Health recommend not putting coins in the dough, because, firstly, you can choke on. And secondly, if you prefer hot pudding, then when the coin and the microwave interaction, a big trouble may be arranged.

In our latitudes, pudding is not a traditional dish, and it is difficult to call it especially popular. Retail networks mainly represent ready -made powder mixtures, which can be stored for more than one month. If we talk about the benefits of a real (not powder) product, it is impossible not to note the following: regardless of which ingredients were used, the energy value of the pudding will always not be high – on average, this indicator ranges from 115 to 185 kcal per 100g. But this applies to exclusively naturally prepared pudding, not powder (anything can be here). Due to a homogeneous soft consistency, the dish does not have any “age” restrictions – it can be safely included even in the dietary diet of children, pensioners and people with digestive problems. In addition, absolutely any pudding improves the work of the gastrointestinal tract and helps, speaking in folk, to “launch” the stomach.

As for harm, only individual ingredients, such as sugar, can cause suspicions. Well, if you buy a powder dessert, then food additives may well be harmful to health, which are not rarely used by manufacturers. And finally, although we are not a culinary blog, I would like to place a recipe for chocolate pudding, which I personally liked.

And so, for the preparation of the delicacy, we will need 400 ml of milk and 2 tablespoons of sugar, cocoa, starch and ground hazelnut (the last ingredient can be added at will). We heat the milk on low heat, but we do not bring it to the boil, remove it from the fire and pour all the ingredients, thoroughly whipping them with a whisk so that sugar, starch and cocoa dissolve. Then, we return the resulting mixture back to the fire, continuing to beat, bring to a boil, pour the dessert into the molds and let it cool. Everything, chocolate pudding is ready – fast and tasty!