Dry cleaning of outerwear main rules

Dry cleaning is able to remove those spots or any other pollution that machine or manual washing can hardly cope with. There are a lot of such organizations, but how to choose the right best? What to focus on so that things are cleaned so that not only does not remain contaminants, but that clothes or other wardrobe items do not deteriorate.

To date, one of the best dry cleaners is this Masterskaya24/Himchistka, where cleaning is carried out by the best specialists, as well as the best tools that can cope with the most powerful pollution. At the same time, it is worth noting that the cost of services is quite affordable and affected by all the categories of citizens of our country without exception.

How dry cleaning works? The main rules of success

It is worth noting that the very concept of dry cleaning was openly accidentally accidentally. This happened back in 1855 in France. The owner of Krasilni Jean Batista saw how his maid accidentally spilled a little kerosene on a heavily contaminated tablecloth and at the same time the stain almost completely rushed. It was from that time that liquids such as kerosene and gasoline began to be used in chemical cleaning of clothing.

But, over time, their use was limited, as they have the properties of mild ignition. They were replaced with such a tool as perc. It is this substance that is used today in dry cleaning both in industrial and in domestic conditions.

It is also worth noting that dry cleaning is most often carried out in a dry way, t.e. Without the use of water. The essence of the method is that instead of water, a solvent is used, which mainly consists of perc.

The process of dry cleaning itself is divided into several main stages:

Preliminary processing. Before sending things to dry cleaning, they are treated with a special solution – a stain. How high quality it depends on how much the process of dry cleaning itself is simplified.

Machine dry cleaning. Specially designed vehicles for dry cleaning consist of the main chamber, chamber for solvent, circulation pump, as well as filter. The circulation pump supplies the solvent to the camera where it is absorbed into the clothes, then it is filtered and the cycle is repeated until the clothes are completely cleaned.

All that remains for you is to find such an organization that is ready to perform processes with maximum caution and using high -quality equipment and chemicals.