Fashionable shoes 2012


Shoes occupy a worthy place in the wardrobe of every woman. In order to create an image not only attractive, but also fashionable, you must definitely get acquainted with the trends and trends that the famous fashion masters offer. This will help when buying make the right choice.

What shoes are in fashion in 2012?

The main difference between fashionable shoes of this year is convenience, which allows fashionistas not only to be attractive, but also to feel comfortable. For example, stylists recommend using a thin and unstable hairpin only for special, solemn occasions. In everyday wear, a stable, thick heel is much more suitable, which will help to feel convenience throughout the day. This year, designers offer many models on a wedge or platform that can be quite high, but at the same time, they will not let their feet get tired. Camping wedges that are barely noticeable in the zone are barely noticeable, and to the heel become high. You can buy such shoes in an online shoe store.

fashion footwear

The most fashionable shoes and ankle boots were the most fashionable, which allow you to show the beauty of their legs even in these gloomy, inconspicuous days. Do not be afraid of cold weather, there are many sentences of stylists who make it possible to create a stylish image. You can purchase knitted, warm trousers, a long leather skirt or wear socks in boots, which is extremely fashionable this year.

There are also many models in design collections for fans of boots. The mouse in them is rounded or slightly pointed, the heel can be of any height, the main thing is that it be stable. Extravagant fashionistas can safely purchase boots, they are very popular this year.

Summer, autumn or winter shoes this year is distinguished by a large number of jewelry. A large number of different straps are considered fashionable, lacing, all kinds of buckles, plaques, and fringe are used.

In addition to genuine leather in the manufacture of fashionable shoes, suede and fur are widely used. The prints that are at the peak of fashion this year are not forgotten. Various drawings, ornaments allow you to perfectly decorate the shoes. And the most popular are models made of python or snake leather or a qualitatively performed imitation.

Fashionable shoes 2012

In the spring of one of the most popular types of shoes, rubber boots became. They not only have a different design, but also differ in the brightness of colors, which allows you to create cheerful images and feel free to walk in puddles, without afraid to soak your legs.

And what kind of shoes do you prefer? What colour?

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