How to choose a bra

Many ladies from such a wide assortment many ladies, as before, choose an inappropriate bra, are currently of the models of bras and various underwear. According to studies of this area, we became aware that today about seventy percent of women choose a bra not suitable in shape and volume of their breasts.

If you do not know how to choose a bra, then first pay attention to those models of bras that you have in the presence. If you have a bra -braid model that suits you the most and in linen, you feel comfortable, then you should choose the same bra -braided model.

When choosing a bra, first of all, take into account the shape of your chest. Currently, manufacturers of women’s linen are producing bras of several types and these are seamless models, two -sewing bras and three -sewing.

If desired, even with small breasts, it turns out to look more feminine and more sexy should only choose a suitable bra and we can assume that the problem is completely solved. Expand the shape of the chest, the brace of the bra with vertical and inclined seams will visually help. Increase the volume of the breast also turn out to be a correctly chosen bra.