How to cook sour cream sauce

The number of sauces for refueling finished dishes is a great many, they are the most important component in the kitchen. Sauses help cook and ordinary home masters and craftswomen diversify the taste of the same products used. They can be divided into: sauces on broths, sauces on milk and sour cream, butter sauces, sauces in vegetable oil, sauces in vinegar. There is also a separation of sauces into hot ones, they are served on a table 65-70 degrees, and cold, when serving no more than 10-12 degrees. Usually, cold sauces are served to cold dishes, salads, snacks, fish, but there are exceptions. Consider in more detail the preparation of cold gas stations.

The sauce is tomato

Ingredients: onions are 200 grams, garlic 10 grams, vegetable oil 100 grams, tomato puree 150 grams, wheat flour 25 grams, spices, vinegar.

Finely cut onions, pass with oil. Add tomato puree, then water, salt, ground pepper, finely chopped or squeezed garlic, vinegar to taste. Cook for 10-15 minutes, then season with flour. Cool. Serve to crabs and cold stuffed vegetables.

Fuck with vinegar

Ingredients: horseradish root 300 grams, vinegar 9%, water st., Sugar, salt.

Grind the well -washed well -washed grate and chop with a knife, pour boiling water, tightly close the dishes with a lid. After 15-20 minutes add vinegar, salt, sugar and stir. Serve to cold and hot meat and fish dishes.

Cold red sauce with paprika.

Ingredients: 4 red gogoshara (a variety of sweet pepper), 30-40 grams of paprika, 100 grams of dry red wine.

Clean gogoshars from seeds, pass through a meat grinder, salt, add paprika, wine, pepper to taste.

Salad dressing with dill.

Ingredients: vegetable oil – 100 grams, vinegar 3% 100 grams, parsley, dill, sugar, salt, black ground.

Dissolve sugar, salt and pepper in vinegar. Grind dill, parsley. Greens, vegetable oil is mixed with a spicy vinegar mixture. Stir well. The refueling is submitted chilled.

Author: Ekaterina Sveshnikova