Fashion rings 2014

Among the jewelry, the ring occupies a special position. It is these products that perfectly emphasize the beauty of our hands, which are always in sight. Each modern lady, choosing a new ring for themselves, will certainly pay attention to fashion trends. Therefore, the collections of jewelry from famous designers always enjoy the attention of women.

Rings made of platinum, gold, silver are very popular this season. They should be inlaid with bright stones: blue, blue, turquoise, scarlet, emerald. The trend of the year is products that combine two types of minerals. Such jewelry will not go unnoticed, they will certainly become an accent of the whole image.

Since the next year is one of the most fashionable ethnic style, there are many products in fashion collections that remind of the medieval era of knights and beautiful ladies.

When choosing rings for solemn occasions, it is worth paying attention to the rings in which one large bright stone is framed by small pebbles of another mineral. This combination looks harmonious, makes it possible to emphasize the attractiveness of each other with minerals. Small diamond frames are especially popular, which allows you to give the decoration a mysterious shine and mysterious flicker.

Fashionable in the upcoming year are products that use the images of representatives of the fauna. This: insects, reptiles, fairy -tale creatures. The most popular will be representatives of the cat family, as well as images of birds.

Vintage products will remain in the next year of next year. It can be a ring from a grandmother’s chest. But, if it is not, you can purchase the product specially aged during the processing process. There are many of them in fashion collections of this year. The difference between such products is massiveness, large stones, some darkening, scuffs.

You can find fashion rings for the upcoming season on the website/Catalog/Koltsa/Swarovski/.