The daily calorie norm

In order that you had a healthy body and of course the normal weight must observe the daily calorie rate and of course you cannot exceed this norm. A lot of factors depend to establish the calorie norm. This may be the following:- climate, a person’s occupation, age and of course the sex of man. For the normal and full development of the child and each time you need to increase the norm of calorie. For example, in an adult, the norm of caloria can gradually decrease and decrease it depends on the age of the person, therefore, the oldest norm is the oldest norm should decrease. Since more adults begin to move less with age and it follows that you spend less energy than spending energy in youth. This does not apply to those people who, even though in their age, continue to engage in active activity or even perform constantly different physical exercises.

With this rhythm of life, the daily norm should be at the same level. If we compare the daily calorie norm in men, it is much higher. than for example for women. During pregnancy, you need to raise the daily calorie rate since not only you feed on the incoming energy, but also your baby. It also applies during the period of feeding the baby with breasts. For example, people who are constantly playing sports, it can be athletes use about twice as many calories than ordinary people. If you have taken up the calculation of calories in order to determine the daily calorie rate, you should not forget what you need and take into account of course the quality of the calories used. These calculations are the most important thing in order not to harm the body. The most important thing when calculating it is necessary that your diet contains beneficial substances necessary for the normal life of the body’s activity. Your diet should be correctly balanced by t.e sufficient content of proteins, carbohydrates and fats useful for the body. For example, about 30 calories per day should be for the total mass of fats. And for carbohydrates no more than 50 calories. And of course it is necessary to include fresh vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet and of course the use of healthy cereals. This is all about the daily norm of calories.