Cocktails with “live” oxygen

Traditionally, an oxygen cocktail is a philassic or juice, which is beaten to a foamy state using special equipment and a mixture and is saturated with oxygen.

The usefulness of oxygen cocktail is difficult to overestimate. Nowadays, many people suffer from insufficient oxygen. This disease is called hypoxia and is characterized by quite serious symptoms and consequences. The use of oxygen cocktails is equivalent to a long -term stay in nature, outside the influence of negative environmental factors.

The main positive properties of these cocktails are the normalization of the entire digestive tract, as well as stimulating the work of many body systems. Once in our stomach, an oxygen cocktail extremely positively affects the effectiveness of digestion of food, which in total with other properties of the drink allows you to effectively fight and prevent various pathologies in the work of the intestines and stomach. Thanks to cocktails, you can get rid of many chronic diseases that have become a scourge of modern man.

In addition to exposure directly on the digestive system, oxygen cocktail stabilizes the operation of our immune system, puts the functioning of the central nervous system in order, and also prevents future crises, giving us greater resistance to various stresses. In fact, there is an effect on all organs of our body, which allows you to fight diseases of the cardiovascular system, problems with the liver as well as infectious diseases.

The traditional indications for taking oxygen cocktails are:

Various sleep disturbances

Oxygen starvation

Reduced performance and increased fatigue

Problems with children and adult immunity

Negative factors during pregnancy

Children’s ascaridosis

If you are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle and, like any resident of a large city, spend very little time in the fresh air, then the oxygen cocktail will become the most affordable and effective remedy for the restoration and maintenance of health.

Oxygen cocktails can be used:

In specialized bars and cafes

In recreational and medical institutions

In office and industrial buildings

In sports complexes

In medical institutions of the private and municipal sector

In children’s preschool institutions

In private apartments

In order to manufacture cocktails, you may need only a modern oxygen concentrator of SPUM, as well as a specialized cocktail that is used to simultaneously beat the juice and saturate with oxygen. Modern equipment has a long period of uninterrupted operation and affordable price.

The traditional basis for the preparation of oxygen cocktails is juice, but today you can use any drink for this including water and herbal infusions. Juice used to prepare cocktails can be both freshly squeezed or packaged.

Oxygen cocktails have been successfully used as a therapeutic and preventive agent in many municipal and private medical institutions. At the same time, the course of treatment for each patient is determined individually, to achieve maximum efficiency.

One of the most popular and affordable means for the preparation of cocktails is special syrups. They do not require any additives or preparations before the oxygen saturation procedure and at the same time have a fairly acceptable price.

The oxygen cocktail has already managed to gain a rather great fame among the inhabitants of our country. This drink is valued not only due to its medical power, but also for its taste and nutritious qualities. There are special bars and cafes where oxygen drinks make up a fairly impressive part of the menu.