Beef in Chinese

You have a shawarma, hot dogs and other fast food on your street? Admit honestly, sometimes you want this “harmful” food so. You can cook at home, quite edible fast food, moreover, very useful and nutritious. Beef in Chinese, here is its name.

For cooking, we need:

Beef 1 \ 2 kg.

Onions 1 pc.

Bulgarian pepper 1 pc.

Kisins, sesame seeds.

Dry Sherry, soy sauce

Packaging spices

For the preparation of lavash:

Wheat flour 300 g.

Margarine, fat or oil 100 g.

Purified water 150 ml.

Salt 1 t. l.

The method of preparing beef in Chinese:

1) For the preparation of cakes, mix flour with softened oil, add water, salt. All good to knead several times. Divide the obtained dough into 8 parts. Roll out a pancake-leaf from each part and fry it in oil. Put the received tortillas in the stack and cover.

2) Cut the meat into thin plates, mix with seasoning, pour sauce, sherry and leave alone for 10-15 minutes.

3) cut onions and pepper slices.

4) heat the pan, pour sesame oil. Put the meat on a hot pan and fry it, constantly stirring. Add onions when it is slightly fried, sprinkle with sugar (1 h. l.). Pour soy sauce.

5) a pan or Chinese wok, you can always buy in a Chinese online store.

6) After the onion is ready, add vegetables, sesame seeds to the pan, and fry for another 2-3 minutes. Cinse.

7) Put the finished meat with all the ingredients on the pancake of the pancake. Fans can be poured with mayonnaise mixed with Vasabi sauce. Turn off like shawarma, beef in – Chinese is ready.